Model Maggie Rizer starts a blog!

…And I am instantly in love with it!  Today Maggie Rizer announced on Twitter that she had started a blog and I have thus far read every single word and looked at every picture with great interest. Why so interested you may ask? The blog, Bea Makes Three, focuses mainly on Maggie’s life with her loving husband and THREE GOLDEN RETRIEVERS! It is absolutely the sweetest thing ever and it’s found a special place in my daily blog read! Thanks, Maggie, for bringing us such a wonderful slice of your life.  If you need another excuse to check out the blog just read what Maggie wrote about knowing her husband was the right one for her…

 I should have known we’d end up married the moment I brought two wet goldens into Alex’s apartment for the first time.  They shook wet fur and wiped their wet bodies against his clean white walls, slapping their tails happily and jumping on his once stain free cream sofa, he just smiled.  When he asked me to move in a few weeks later and adjusted to life with hair on his suits, his clean car now dog friendly, stains on his Persian carpets and paw prints on the Prataesi sheets, still with a smile on his face asking if I wanted champagne, I knew he was the man for me, and for the dogs.”.

Maggie…does Alex have any single brothers? Enquiring minds would like to know!


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