New Guily Pleasure: Biscuiteers

As I look back on 2010 I remember the fabulous fashion, the amazing new people I’ve met, the incredible places I’ve seen and the gobsmackingly good food I’ve eaten.  The last one is where today’s post comes in. At every single press day or event from here to forever we’ve seen cupcakes. It’s been the staple of 2010.  I don’t know who started it but everyone followed. I love a good cupcake now and then but the parties that really stuck out in my mind were the ones that decided to take their desserts a step further.  I began to notice a trend that was similar to cupcakes but a notch above the fluffy creations. Decorated biscuits were taking over with the upper-crust fashion parties.  And there was only one shop which seemed to be supplying them all – Biscuiteers!  Take one look at the extreme detail that goes into each biscuit, not to mention the elaborate packaging for each delight, and you will understand why no biscuit house (if you call them that) can compare.  Biscuiteers is like the Net-a-Porter of desserts.  Every single part of their process, from creation to delivery, is impeccable.  In a world that is obsessed with luxury, Biscuiteers have cornered the market when it comes to sweet things.  But don’t take my word for it, just check out who they’ve made biscuits for thus far…


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