Pendleton makes a play for the younger consumer

Pendleton is, and will always probably be, one of my top five go-to spots for timeless wardrobe (and household) pieces.  The American made woolens company has a special place in my heart because of their iconic navajo prints used on sweaters, bags, belts and even bedspreads (yes, I own a few).  Pendleton is now turning over a new leaf and attempting to attract a younger generation.  Personally, I think Pendleton is perfect the way it is but I do understand the need for change and growth and with today’s news from Pendleton, I can tell you that this change will be both stylish and graceful! 

WWD announced this morning that Pendleton will be launching a new line called the Portland Collection. This collection is designed specifically with a younger consumer in mind.  Pendleton recruited three local, Portland area, designers to create the collection and will launch the new look in mid-January.  

More details to come… (but I’ve already designated an entire credit card for the launch).


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