Upperstreet invites the Fashion Goose to design shoes

Upper Street recently invited Fashion Foie Gras to design a pair of shoes on their website. Now I will admit, Upper Street is a brand I’ve heard of before. In fact, I think it might be a favourite among fashion bloggers and fashionistas alike.  This was the first place I knew of where you are able to design your own shoes from the heel up. Every decision, from the colour of the sole to the shape of the toe, is down to you to decide.  The shoe that you design is exclusively yours.  So no more embarrassing moments of wearing the same shoe to a party. Now you can be certain no one will have your same footwear. That’s a real plus when it comes to investing in a shoe. Too many red carpet debacles have already occurred. Ok, now I’m just starting to sound like a public service announcement. 

I played for a lot longer than I would like to admit at designing a pair of shoes for the Fashion Goose. Her black heels are looking so dated these days, don’t you think? And since we are obsessed with everything snakeskin and animal print at the moment, I kept to a theme. Here were the four designs I finally narrowed it down to…

 And in the end, I could only walk away with one…so these are the heels that fit the feet perfectly…have a look and let me know what you think!

Have your own design fest at www.upperstreet.com now!


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