Armani Prive Spring 2011… “out of this world”

Armani Prive has flooded red carpets now for years. Stylists sit at each show and wonder who they’ll have to elbow out to secure dresses for their A-list clientele.  However, the air was different at Armani Prive this season. Perhaps that was because we all should have been wearing oxygen masks as this show definitely was from “another planet.”  Giorgio Armani decided to experiment with, shall we say, “the future” for Haute Couture this season.  Was it successful? Well…I’m not one to judge but I do think that we will not see as many of the looks on the red carpet as we are used to. That is, of course, unless your name is Lady Gaga. One would wonder if Armani hasn’t fallen completely under the spell of Lady Gaga and her fanciful dressing.  The playful nature of the lines, curves and gathers of the fabric make this a show to appreciate from an artistic perspective and creates looks that Gaga will surely adore.  But I think most A-listers will be shaking their heads when the dresses are presented for fittings. But, hey, Couture is all about being fancy free so high five to you, Armani. You’ve earned the right to let your imagination run free and for all of us to be left chasing after you…

Without further ado, I present what I consider to be the highlights of Armani Prive Spring 2011 from Paris…


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