A Fashion First: eBay announces Victoria Beckham on cover of Vogue UK Feb 2011

The internet never fails to amaze me. For example, I’ve become used to seeing magazine covers online now before I buy them in shops or receive them in the post. However, finding out that a celeb is on a magazine cover by way of eBay is a whole new experience.  The above is a screenshot of the auction taking place right now. The listing is so popular that not even the page counter can keep up! However, they don’t seem to be selling like hot cakes! We just want the knowledge, not the copy. Most of us will receive this same mag on our doorsteps tomorrow morning.  But for now, I will lose sleep over having to add eBay to my list of searches every morning to keep up with fashion news! My sleep just went from 3 hours a night to 2!


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