Kardashians move fashion business to Sears

Just as we were getting used to seeing the Kardashians in Bebe, another announcement has us wondering what will come next. World domination?

WWD reported this morning that the Kardashians are moving into Sears with the Kardashian Kollection, which will launch in 400 stores across America come August.

The “Kollection” will feature 40 garments, 20 lingerie pieces, over 100 accessories and 12 pairs of shoes. That is a massive collection for a first go-round! Sears is hoping to attract the hot spot of retail with the aged 17-35 mark.  Get ready for an ad avalanche, people! As if we weren’t seeing enough of the Kardashians already, right? Would someone remind me what made them famous in the first place?

Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images North America


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