Liz Hurley in trouble for tweeting? ran a story yesterday on Liz Hurley in which they claim Hurley is being investigated for her tweets about Estee Lauder products. As we all know, Liz Hurley has a contract as a spokeswoman for the company and regularly appears in adverts. She also is very open about her love for the brand.  Apparently Miss Hurley has sent 10 tweets endorsing products and the Office of Fair Trading is looking into these particular tweets.  All twitterers are meant to signal to their readers if they are being paid to endorse a product on twitter. 

Liz Hurley responded with the following tweet earlier today:

Personal opinion:

The thing is…Office of Fair Trading…we are not stupid individuals. We know that Liz is a member of the “Estee Lauder” family, in a matter of speaking.  We know that when she talks about products they could be personal opinions or paid opinions. How is this any different from someone saying they love a brand on national television or in a magazine? I’m sure Hurley has aligned herself with Estee Lauder dozens of times in print. People are attacking twitter now because they are scared of it. They’re scared of change and technological advances and what these things could mean for regulation in the future.


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