Stella McCartney launches a new iPad application and releases a Falabella ipad Case!

So most of you know already that I got an iPad for Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad, you’re the best).  Besides the hours of fun I’ve been having with email, photos and ridiculous time wasters like Scrabble, what I’ve most looked forward to is the downloading of fashion applications.  Stella McCartney was my first designer application downloaded! As this is a momentous occasion I thought I would take a moment to document it. This is not just because it is my first application but also because it is a damn good, and entertaining, application to have! All the content is original and out of this world…the cinematography and photography will blow your mind. Well done, Stella.

Ahhh….and now we get to my favourite part…my latest accessory! You know that bag you’ve seen on every celebrity’s arm for the past six month? Come on, you know the one I’m talking about – The Stella McCartney Falabella bag! Well, they’ve come out with a Falabella iPad case so that all the fashionistas of the world can be suitably accessorized. Clever, right?  I will be whipping mine out with pride when I have to bring the iPad out of the purse. It is the ultimate in chic!


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