A thank you to Fashion Foie Gras’ biggest supporters…my parents

Everyday I remind myself of how lucky I am. I am a very lucky woman in that I have parents who support me through every twist and  turn that my life has taken.  And let me tell you, it has taken some turns. Let’s see here. I started out wanting to be a vet and began school pre-med.  Then I took an art history class and fell in love with the painters of the Italian Renaissance and so I decided to go to school in Florence, Italy. Then I came back and decided I didn’t want to work for a gallery in NYC, I wanted to work for an auction house somewhere in Europe. So I upped sticks to London, found a job and announced I was becoming a Brit.  

Eight years on I’m still here in London but my life has taken yet another turn. I started a blog 14 months ago…a fashion blog…THIS fashion blog.  My mom and dad knew I was obsessed with fashion. It might have something to do with the hours I spent pouring over Vogue instead of the children’s books other kids were reading when I was a  youngster. I wasn’t normal by any standards. But I knew what I loved. I loved design, whether it be painting, furniture or fashion. I couldn’t get enough and that has never changed no matter what my declaration of study or job title was.

I now have a mother and father who read my blog everyday.  They are my biggest fans. I don’t just mean they pat me on the back occasionally and say well done. My father, who is in his 60s (and still as handsome as ever) not only reads my blog everyday and retains what he reads to have discussions about it later, he also tells every living soul that he meets about his daughter’s newest obsession.  My mother also seems to have assumed the role as my head PR as she can’t even go to a doctor’s appointment without making sure every nurse knows which fashion blog to read when they get home. She’s half the reason I got into fashion (as she’s the most impeccably dressed woman on the planet and has been since she was the first American Twiggy standing at 6 feet tall as a teenager and prancing around in vintage dresses I only wish my arse would fit into now).

I am overwhelmed by the support I have been given by so many people…but really it’s the people that gave birth to you and continue to support you no matter what the outcome, that make all the difference in the world.

So because we don’t say it enough…I’m saying it for the whole damn world to read…

Mom and Dad, I love you. Thank you for giving me absolutely everything a girl could ever imagine and for continuing to show me that there is nothing in this world that is beyond reach.

PS. The picture above is a pic of my parents at a high school dance together…yes, they are THAT couple. So lucky! 


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