Tods Autumn Winter 2011/12 Men’s Collection

“The Tod’s man this season is elegant, classic and more formal in his appearance. An innovator, contemporary in his personal style choices and with a strong personality, he sports a chic, refined look that finds expression through his selection of accessories, which works for any situation and for any time of day.”

That’s how the Tod’s press release began for this season’s presentation. Men, sit up and take notice. That’s not just describing the way a man should dress that’s also describing the type of men most women are keeping an eye out for when roaming the streets in search of a suitable mate in life!

I’ve always imagined the men in my life in the clothes they should wear, not the ones they actually do.  As more than likely what they do wear will never live up to what I wish they would wear. I did, however, have a very good Swedish friend who never left the house in anything other than Tod’s loafers.  I swear to you, they made each and every outfit.  Without them jeans and chinos would just be jeans and chinos. But the loafer made him stand out from the crowd given his sophisticated choice of accessories.  My love affair with Tod’s for men began with the Swede and shows no signs of dying down.

This season Tod’s will have their usual outstanding selection of loafers but they are focusing in on their classic Winter Gommino, a black patent leather loafer with a black wedged leather sole which is available in both laced and slip-on versions. The Gommino accurately echos Tod’s mission for the season: looks that work for any situation and any time of day.  

Continuing on the path of versatile accessories, Tod’s also previewed a variety of leather accessories from luggage to iPad cases (all to die for even in Croc and Python).  The highlighted piece was a black transversal 24-hour bag that could be used for going into the office or a chic city break. 

Thanks to Tod’s…men have just been given a way to become a lot more stylish for the cold 2011 months ahead…

Here’s a glimpse at what was presented…


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