Vivienne Westwood and Palladium Alliance International launch jewelry collection

The “Get a Life” Palladium Collection, a jewelry line from Vivienne Westwood, will be launched next month at London Fashion Week. So at this point you are probably asking, “what the hell is Palladium and why is Dame Vivienne Westwood working with it?” 

Well, let’s answer one question at a time.

First off, Palladium is a precious metal (think gold, platinum,etc). Palladium is white in colour (think platinum) and very light weight. It also costs less than gold and platinum but is far pricier than silver.  It is an element that is drawing a great deal of attention as of late from jewelers and the markets with prices set to rise dramatically over the next decade. 

Now on to question two.

Why Westwood? Well , the Palladium Collection derives all  inspiration from nature and it’s no secret that Dame Vivienne Westwood is an advocate for our environment.  “‘Get a Life’ is about how we stop climate change and therefore preserve life for the next generation while at that same time get a better life,” Westwood told WWD. “My focus at the moment is what one person can do. Stop climate change. Save the planet. The acorn is symbolic of the rainforest, its importance, and how it is our first duty to save it.”

Each piece of the collection will be a reflection of nature around us. You can expect to see acorns, an oak tree and a heart for some of the pieces, which will range in price from £275 to £550. And good news for blokes…there will be men’s pieces as well!

There’s no word yet on whether any of the proceeds from the collection will go to an environmental charity, etc. We’ll let you know if we hear. It would make sense, wouldn’t it?


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