Breakfast with Gok Wan

Last week I was invited to attend the launch of Gok Wan’s Spring Summer 2011 shapewear for women collection for Simply Yours. For those of you that live in the UK you know Gok so there’s no need to explain how absolutely massive a deal he is. However, if you are USA born and raised..allow me the great pleasure of introducing you this fabulous individual. Gok is like your Carson Kressley (Queer Eye for The Street Guy). He’s been helping women around the UK find the stylista within for years now.  And I’m not exaggerating when I say that I am an addict of every program he’s every hosted.

So when I received the invitation to his launch of a new line of Shapewear…well, I couldn’t RSVP fast enough.  On I went, bright and early on a Thursday morning, and I was greeted by the gorgeous Gok and dozens of other journalists who couldn’t wait to lay their eyes upon the new collection.  Gok celebrates women so we were all waiting to see what he would present for a sexy shapewear line. One thing’s for sure…we weren’t left disappointed.  I’ll let you judge for yourself by the pics.  But I’m loving the look of this line. 

Too bad I’m not really so comfortable with posting pics of myself in the pieces (I have parents and brothers that read this blog after all).  You’ll just have to order a pair to try for yourself…

I’d also like to mention that for those of you suffering with finding undergarments that fit, it’s worth looking at more than just Gok’s range on Simply Yours. This is a site that really does offer a wonderful selection for women that are actually normal sized. I say “normal” because it seems every other fancy pancy lingerie shop these days is getting smaller and smaller in sizes these days where the average women is actually getting bigger. Thank God for Simply Be who isn’t working in reverse but is instead catering to a realistic woman’s needs.



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