Christopher Kane Autumn Winter 2011, London Fashion Week

As I sat watching the Christopher Kane show today, I thought to myself…”this is going to be one tough review to write.” The start of the show was a great success. The idea of Crochet granny squares (seen also last night on Henry Holland’s runway) is brilliant in print.  It creates a whole new dimension to the garment and felt very Missoni-like with rich detail found in every piece.  However, as the show progressed I felt we moved from a nice granny-like fashion into a full blown acid trip. I am having a hard time picturing the woman that will wear the little black dresses decorated with elements that look like Salvadore Dali on drugs. After saying this, of course one of them will appear on the cover of September’s Vogue or some such brilliant publication.  As I’m sure I just missing “the point” here. Please don’t get my wrong in my review of this show. Kane is a brilliant artist and the second half of his show is a fantastic display of his talent. I am just unsure of how that translates commercially.  Time will tell…


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