Etro Autumn Winter 2011, Milan Fashion Week

Imagine a world without any rules? It would be chaos, right? A complete and utter mess! However, whenever I watch an Etro catwalk, I feel as if there are no rules whatsoever and yet the end result is utter perfection. It defies all the rules of the world. Veronica Etro turns chaos into buy-able order. She’s the Jackson Pollock of fashion. She flings different prints, fabrics and folds together and creates beautiful looks that women the world over shell out thousands for. This season Etro’s collection is one of my favourites coming out of Milan. I’d also like to comment on Etro’s forgiving nature when it comes to the female body. Veronica has a clear understanding that not all of her clientele are a size 2.  These pieces work on a wide range of body types and will fit and flatter a 24 inch waist or a 32 inch waist. You have to hold your glass up to any designer who allows for that sort of versatility with their clothing.

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