Jasper Garvida Autumn Winter 2011, London Fashion Week

Last September I missed the Jasper Garvida show. I don’t remember why but I do remember that after seeing the pictures from the runway I was kicking myself for weeks. I made a promise that I would make the February show, come hell or high water. So there I sat, this evening, ready for some good old fashioned creative genius to present itself in the form of a never before seen garment.  Well, folks, I got more than I bargained for. There were actually moments I thought I was sitting front row at a couture in Paris.  This is a designer that you should be watching. I don’t mean watching and waiting…I mean watching and buying.  And if I may say so, I think Lady Gaga’s people should come a’ knockin’ for one of the embellished evening gowns (see below, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about). Congratulations, Jasper, on a show that will have us all talking for quite some time….or at least until the next one!


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