Oscar de la Renta Autumn Winter 2011, New York Fashion Week

I can’t believe I am actually about to write these words. The Oscar de la Renta show was a disappointment. I know, can you even believe I’m saying that? This is a first.  I’m not saying there weren’t fabulous pieces.  There were a few that will be in every glossy out there come September.  However, as a whole I felt there was just too much focus on embellishment this year.  I felt lost in the collection as I was taken from one segment to the next without any clear transition, rhyme or reason.  However, the great thing about a fashion legend like Oscar de la Renta is that he doesn’t need a reason. He can do as he pleases and we’ll always find something to praise. I know I am probably in the minority of people who were unimpressed.  But, I call them like I see them.  That’s the beauty of blogs, right?  

If there was one segment that brought me back to the Oscar de la Renta love, it has to be the gowns.  As I said, there are pieces that I loved. It was just the collection as a whole that left me feeling a bit “blah”.  Here were my favourites from the show… if you want to check out the show as a whole, log on to style.com to view it all!


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