Bruce Weber captures The Olsen Twins on camera

I have a certain bias when it comes to photographers. It mainly goes something like this…I’m in love with Bruce Weber. Alright, that might be more than just a bias! However, my love for Bruce is not based solely on the fact that he is an amazing photographer…it also has a lot to do with the fact that he is the only man on the planet that loves golden retrievers as much as I do! It is rumoured that Bruce actually employs people for the sole purpose of keeping his dogs groomed daily. That’s it. That’s their job! I wonder if he’s accepting applications…

Anyway, Vogue has just put up online a feature on The Olsen Twins and their clothing line “The Row”. Bruce Weber took some amazing shots of the twins, including the one above of the dynamic duo chilling with a Weber pup. It’s a great read and a great flipbook for Weber enthusiasts…although sadly this is the only retriever pic in the bunch.


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