Chanel Autumn Winter 2011

Did anyone else feel as if Chanel was presenting clothes to wear for the last days of planet earth? Attendees of Lagerfeld’s show today were greeted with a whitewashed wooden plank catwalk surrounded by a steaming volcano (recreated of course…it was still in Paris, after all). Even the models looked like they were warriors defending their last rites to Chanel! And naturally, if the world was ending wouldn’t you be clutching your Chanel until your last dying breath?

If Autumn Winter 2011 is all about colourful garments, someone forgot to send Karl the memo! Black, white and grey dominated the garments with brief glimpses of colour in Chanel trademark tweed jackets. The whole show also seemed to have a grungy feel to it.  The clothes were relaxed, layered and hung in sort of a “hey, I’m here and I’m wearing the latest Chanel, what have you got to say about it?” sort of way. I do, however, wonder who will be the first to feature the new Chanel quilted jumpsuit! And will anyone dare wear it down a city street? That’s a size zero only garment if I’ve ever seen one!


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