Dorothy Perkins: 5 Jeans for 5 days…colour

Day Four of the Dorothy Perkins Denim Dressup Challenge and today I’m wearing the ankle length coloured trousers. When I saw these on the rack I fell in love with the colour.  This is serious must for the season ahead. It’s all about colour! But, they were a little tight for me so I should have pulled a size bigger…you know how it goes ladies, we all care about what the label says! Shame on me for falling victim to that horrible curse that lies within us all.  These are gorgeous jeans so don’t let my pic turn you off them! 

I paired the Dorothy Perkins jeans with a Balmain distressed t-shirt, a Ralph Lauren belt and vintage pumps.

Check out how the other girls in the challenge wore their jeans at Style HQ

Thanks again to Fashion Photographer, Terence Webb, for taking these shots for me!


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