GiellyGreen keeps me natural after a brazilian blow dry

As you may remember, I had a Brazilian blow dry nearly two months ago now and I’ve been living in fear of using any products on my hair that aren’t completely natural.  I was given very strict instructions on this.  When someone has just spent three and a hour hours straightening your hair you listen to any advice you are given which will help you keep it in this condition.  About a month after the treatment I was contacted by GiellyGreen, a salon in London.  They asked me if I’d be interested in trialing their boutique products.  After reading that their product was not only made from the world’s finest natural substances, but also seemingly loved by users the world over, I decided to give it a whirl (after all, the products contain NO carcinogens, NO parabens, NO SLS, and NO synthetic fragrance =perfection). 

Just this morning I used the very last bit of shampoo and conditioner and my hair is weeping at the thought of not having any to use tomorrow morning. These products truly are incredible for your hair. You can tell that you are using something that isn’t your bog standard pharmacy buy (sorry Superdrug). The smell, the weight, the texture and the richness of the products all point towards extreme luxury when it comes to haircare.  

GiellyGreen uses a unique combination of ingredients for their shampoos which include ancient minerals combined with the world’s most prolific oils – Argan, Neem and Sea Buckthorn.  Now there’s a lot more facts and figures about the ingredients coming from the lowest point on earth which allows for superior nutrition for your hair, etc, etc…but for me, I’ve never been one for the background material and research. It’s all about the hair and how it looks! So I read about GiellyGreen and then forgot everything I knew and concentrated on whether their products really worked, not why they worked or how they worked. I just wanted to know if my hair would look, feel and smell better after using these products (I know beauty bloggers will all be screaming at me now for being a slacker when it comes to details).  

But I am not a slacker when it comes to results and I gave this a firm three week trial run before I spoke a word.  I was given compliments on my hair after the first week and person after person asked me what I used for products and I was very bad indeed and told them I was mid-trial and they’d have to wait to read FFG to discover the end result. Well here’s the end result…I love this stuff and it now has a permanent place on my shampoo shelf in the bathroom (as soon as I manage to get some more delivered ASAP).

I used the Classic Shampoo, Classic Conditioner daily and used the nourish mark weekly for three weeks.

A little bit more info on GiellyGreen:

Fred Gielly and Shai Greenberg, two talented men who came from countries worlds apart with different outlooks and lifestyles, met in the course of their work and discovered that they both had a common ideal that was stronger than all their differences combined. Fred and Shai established GiellyGreen where they share their love of creativity and style while still honouring local traditions and styles.

GiellyGreen was established to share the ideals of unity, professionalism and service. The salon houses a collection of hair designers, assistants and beauty experts from all over the world, committed to providing a service of the very highest standards to each and every single customer. They use comfortable state of the art equipment, and adapt each treatment or service to the individual customer’s desires and requirements, making every appointment a unique, personal experience.

Prices start at £16. Available online nationwide from


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