Kate Moss smokes for Louis Vuitton

The Daily Mail, in London, is today running a piece on Kate Moss and the effects of a bad smoking habit.  Kate walked the runway for Louis Vuitton yesterday after a three year hiatus and did so while smoking a big fat cigarette. Nice message to send Kate! Well, actually the joke’s on her.  Kate isn’t the model she used to be and a lot of her pre-mature aging could be down to her over the top smoking habit! Her thighs aren’t the only bit of skin suffering from damage, her face is also looking a bit less taut these days.

Ladies, let this be a lesson to you! Smoking is not only unhealthy but also makes you age faster than a grape in the sun! 

Now onto the cellulite issue… we all know this is mostly a hereditary issue. If you’re momma’s got it, you’re out of luck.  However, I think seeing Kate with a bit of dimpled flesh is a good thing. Shows she isn’t perfect. It’s also why some designers might soon be thinking of putting their catwalks into a digital platform. You can’t exactly photoshop these “human” details out on a live catwalk that’s taking place right in front of you!

Images via Daily Mail


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