Topshop opening in Canada

Good news for Canadians this morning. Topshop have announced they are opening in a city near you! The first Canadian Topshop will open in Toronto, followed by Vancouver and Montreal.  No news yet on exact dates but we do know that you can expect two shipments a month of new clothing to keep you up to date with the newest trends being thrown out in London (which seem to take place once a week, if not twice a week…we’re slaves to trends here).

This is just on the heels of the announcement that Target is coming to Canada! Looks like the retail industry has finally realized what they’ve been missing out on…a population of people that want to spend money on clothing but have to cross the border all too often to do their big shop!  Congrats Canadians! You’re soon to receive some of the best stores that the USA and Europe have to offer! About time, right?

Source: WWD


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