An appointment with Alexander McQueen Autumn Winter 2011

This morning I happily sprang from my bed ready to face the day. This morning, and it was an early morning, I was visiting the Alexander McQueen store in London to pay homage to one of the greatest fashion houses in the UK and Sarah Burton’s new collection for Autumn Winter 2011.  It was an emotional visit from the start for me. I have passed the shop many times but have not stepped over the threshold since Alexander McQueen’s sudden passing.  The day after Lee McQueen died we all mourned the loss of a great designer and an inspiring man.  I, along with a very good friend who used to model for McQueen, came to the store the night after his death and said goodbye in our own way. Since that day I have, unintentionally, not entered the store.  A visit was long overdue.  So when I was asked to come in and preview the new collection in the wee hours of the morning, I jumped at the chance.  

What I discovered today was something I couldn’t wait to share with all of you. That was exactly what was running through my head as I took picture after picture of amazing pieces from the collection. I couldn’t believe I was there witnessing such genius up close and personal and I was looking forward to bringing you in with me for the ride.  

Catwalks work for some designers but for McQueen I sometimes wish they would do away with the catwalk entirely and instead place models on a long catwalk and allow us all to surround them and take in every last detail of the garments. Their splendour is truly found in the amazing attention to the smallest things. However, seeing the pieces come alive on the runway and then having the chance to examine them closer, as I did today, works just fine for me now!

Pictures always speak louder than words, so I won’t keep you any longer before I give you a visual feast for the evening. I am pleased to present you with a look at Autumn Winter 2011 at Alexander McQueen…

And while I was there I took a look at the Spring Summer range available to buy in store. Here’s some of my top pics.  I was in serious trouble throughout the entire process of photographing these items! It’s a good thing the store wasn’t open yet as I would have left with several bags full of goodies and a credit card very down on its spending power!


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