J.Crew online coming to the UK

I know what you are thinking, I’ve already announced this. Yes, you may recall that last year I announced J.Crew was being stocked by Net-a-Porter online in the UK. However, it seems their pinky toe dip into the European retail waters have set the wheels in motion for a bigger UK presence. The big news… J.Crew is opening a stand alone site for UK shoppers! No further details have been released, except for one minor piece that might be of interest: the online store is set to open this SUMMER! 

So for all my ex-patriot friends who have enjoyed endless brunches with me in London where we bitch and moan about having to fly back to America to get our J.Crew fixes…it looks like we have to find a new retail therapy topic to moan about! Congrats, J.Crew! We look forward to welcoming you officially with open arms!


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