Bikini tweeting, a new celebrity trend?

This spring celebs formerly labeled as having “weight issues” have found a new way to strike back at their critics. They’re taking to twitter and proudly displaying newly toned figures for the whole world to see. Jordin Sparks and Demi Lovato are the most recent starlets who have come forward and shared  personal photos online. Both have transformed their lives to include healthier food choices and daily workout regimes and then, bravely, taken camera phone pictures of themselves modeling bikinis to tweet to their fans. That means that all Jordin’s followers (900,000+) and Demi’s followers (150,000+) got an eyeful recently. So one has to ask, is this sharing too much or have we created a world were celebrities are forced to share everything on their own terms before the media can manipulate their stories?

Images from Twitter/Twitpic


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