Angie Harmon now lives in Charlotte, NC, my hometown!

This week, before I head to Memphis, I’m in my hometown spending quality time shopping and seeing my parents in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s good to come back to my roots and set down in a place that’s less about celeb spotting and more about drinking ice cold lemonade on my back porch where the only sounds are the crickets and my golden retriever, Bodey, panting. It’s the good and easy life! Only I’ve just found out that a little piece of the celeb life has moved into the Queen City! Which is where I come into the picture I have posted above. Not only does Angie Harmon look absolutely stunning on the cover of Good Housekeeping July 2011, she’s also recently become a resident of Charlotte, NC. She’s traded in her lattes for lemonades and as far as anyone can read she’s loving it! So we’d just like to give a big ole welcome to Angie Harmon and her entire family! Oh, and also say the Queen city was gorgeous before but you, dear Angie, have just redefined beauty in this city!


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