Heidi Klum Shines with new fragrance

Here’s your first look at the latest celeb to cash in on the fragrance business: Heidi Klum. I really do wonder who buys all of these new fragrances that seem to come out every week.  Firstly, I haven’t had a chance to smell the Heidi Klum fragrance and it may be the greatest thing since Chanel No.5 but I’ll have to wait and see.  However, if you look at the history of fragrance sales with celebrities you will find that there is tremendous opportunity in the marketplace. With every fragrance that is released we sort of shake our heads and wonder who on earth will stroll through the store to pick up the scent. Well plenty of people must be doing exactly that!  Forbes released a list of the world’s top selling celebrity fragrances in April of this year and this is what they reported:

1. Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds – $54 million sold
2. Derek Jeter’s Driven – $27 million sold (ummm, we’ve never even heard of this one)
3. Beyonce Knowles’ Heat – $21 million sold
4. P Diddy’s Unforgivable – $18 million sold
5. Sarah Jessica Parker’s NYC – $18 million sold
6. Jessica Simpson’s Fancy – $18 million sold
7. Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers – $18 million sold
8. Usher’s Usher for Men – $16 million sold
9. Jennifer Lopez’s Glow – $12 million sold
10. Reese Witherspoon’s In Bloom – $12 million sold

So, it’s clear that if you’re a big name and your scent is half decent (or maybe not even that decent), you will actually make a shed load of cash! Hmmm… anyone want to fund a Fashion Foie Gras fragrance? What exactly would that smell like? Goose feathers?


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