A sixteen year old is taking on Louboutin with DIY red soles

We all know that red soles are the most coveted soles in the business. When you see red, you think Louboutin. It’s just the way the world works and here we thought it would continue to work that way forever. However, a sixteen year old named Tara Haughton decided it was time for a change. What was her contribution to fashion society? Well, she believes everyone should have red soled shoes if they want them. Hence her new invention, Rosso Solini designer soles.  This new tool allows anyone to transform any pair of heels into Louboutin look alikes. Ok, so maybe that’s not what it says on the tin, but that’s exactly why you would want to have red soles, n’est-ce pas? One does wonder what Christian Louboutin is making of all of this. One thing we know for sure, you can put a red sole on any old shoe but there’s no replacing the quality and craftsmanship of Louboutin! On the other hand, many in life subscribe to the motto “Fake it until you make it.” So if you are visualizing yourself one day buying those gorgeous “real red soles”, perhaps this will give you that extra nudge.


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