American Apparel’s Plus size model competition

American Apparel is looking for “The Next Big Thing.” 

Even the title of the supposed plus size modeling competition is completely out of line. When was the last time you heard a girl, large or small, like being referred to as “big”.  It’s why the word “plus” has been used for years. “Big sized models” just sounds horrible and insulting to those who are classified as such. So, why does it not surprise me that the folks over at American Apparel have thrown caution to the wind and decided to play with these words for their 2011 model search for a larger lady? 

There are some real firecrackers in the text but the intro takes the cake:

“Our best-selling Disco Pant (and around 10 other sexy styles) are now available in size XL, for those of us who need a little extra wiggle room where it counts. We’re looking for fresh faces (and curvaceous bods) to fill these babies out. “

Now just so we’re clear, this whole campaign to find “The Next Big Thing” is absolute marketing genius. That simply must be said. Finally we have something else to talk about when it comes to American Apparel besides sleazy reports from the top or numbers falling to the floor. And there seem to be a number of ladies out there that see no problem at all in entering into the contest, many of which are completely stunning!

Here’s the current leader of the pack with the most votes gathered:

If you feel the need to enter click here


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