Announcing a very special project with COACH!!!!!!!

I’ve discovered that the most life changing moments, the ones that you’ll never forget, are often the ones that are most surreal. They are the moments that you look back on and remember more clearly after you’ve had years to digest what really happened. Since starting FFG I have had a few of those choice moments which have kept me smiling and provided the extra push I needed to work harder than ever before on the blog.

September 10th- 13th 2011 will be a moment in time that I don’t think I’ll ever truly wrap my head around. For most of the fashion crowd this was a weekend spent running around shows for SS12 at Lincoln Center. For me, this was a period of time where I was repeatedly pinching myself to prove I really was still on planet earth and hadn’t been moved into some parallel universe. For me, this will forever be the weekend labeled as the “Coach Fashion Foie Gras Project.”

That’s right, dear readers, I was not in NYC for fashion week this past weekend. I was in town designing a bag with Coach which will be released for the holiday season to come!

I won’t reveal everything now! I’ll just say that this is a bag I hope you will all want to buy and here’s why: Fashion Foie Gras is absolutely nothing without YOU! Each and every reader that’s been with me since the beginning or has more recently joined the party is responsible for the success and recognition that FFG has received. This all began as a fun project and has turned into a die-hard daily magazine for people hungry for fashion news. With you in mind, I worked with the Coach design team to create a bag that is beautiful, practical and comfortable. It’s pretty darn hard to get all those wrapped into one and I certainly know, from speaking to plenty of you, that this is a bag we’re all on the lookout for!

Frankly speaking, having the opportunity to design a bag with your readers in mind is one thing. Having the opportunity to work on such a project with a brand I have idolized since I was seven is another entirely! 

You’ve all heard me speak about Coach and my history with the brand. My first touch of a leather handbag was my mother’s Coach purse in the 80’s. I can remember running my fingers over the leather and thinking my mother had found the softest material in the world to hold all her treasured possessions. As a kid I didn’t really understand what a bag was used for but I can remember, clear as day, how lovely the leather smelled as I rubbed my cheek across the surface of the bag when reaching for my mom (yes, I was a momma’s girl and really still am. And no, I wasn’t always this tall so did in fact have to reach up at one point in life). So Coach is so much more to me than just a brand that is carried by one in six women in America. Coach is one of my earliest fashion memories.

I’m sure you all have similar stories with one specific piece or brand and I bet if you think back and then put yourself in my shoes you’ll understand why my feet have not hit the ground in three days!

When I finally get to share with you the piece we have created it will be a moment of such complete surreal joy! I’ll also be scared out of my mind at debuting my first attempt at designing!

So stay tuned as I’ll be sharing a lot more as the process moves forward!

For now, I’d just like to say thank you to Coach for absolutely everything. This was never even on the “dream list” as it just seemed so far out of range of something that was actually possible!


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