Antonio Berardi Spring Summer 2012

Antonio Berardi certainly has become a highlight of London Fashion Week. The front row is always packed with some of the most influential women in fashion that are not only there to write about Berardi’s genius but also looking to see which dresses they can claim for their own! I find the show on the front row of the catwalk is equally as amusing as the catwalk itself. Women’s eyes light up and their poker faces become a thing of the past as they zero in on a dress that would be perfect for a cover, a spread or a red carpet event! 

The excitement is altogether overwhelming for many! This year this was true like never before. Each and every look was met with a sharp intake of breath. This show was ethereal beauty in action. Each garment seemed so delicate yet incredibly striking. One would almost be afraid to touch the pieces for fear of them dissolving before your very eyes. For those of you familiar with Berardi garments you’ll know that nothing could be further from the truth. They may look delicate but Anthonio Berardi is a superior designer who’s garments are not only beautiful but also finely constructed from the first pattern cut to the finest last detail.


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