Lane Bryant’s T3 jean for tighter tummies

Lane Bryant have recently launched a new jean, The T3 (Tightening Tummy Technology), that is all about squeezing and teasing! This new denim has all kinds of special technology built in to flatten the tummy and bridge that horrible gaping plumber’s bum problem! 

Their new campaign isn’t too shabby either. Five absolutely gorgeous women that all look extremely gorgeous and very very healthy are the stars of the show. Unfortunately it’s also not too far off the mark again from the “plus sized” theme we see everywhere which is mainly all about showing the flesh. Why couldn’t they just have put the girls all in white t-shirts? Everyone would have focused a lot more on the jeans if that had been the case. It also would have been a lot better in visualizing the actual product being worn in real life. But when has fashion advertising ever been about reality? {image via Lane Bryant}


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