Staying organized during LFW

Alright, let’s be honest here about one thing. When we think of organizers these days we all think that if we’re going to bother to carry something around it needs to be VERY fashionable. Otherwise, why carry it? Electronic devices these days have everything you need to keep your schedule, your addresses and anything else and organizer can do.  However, there are many of us that still prefer pen to paper and being able to open a book and see our entire schedule laid out before us. For those of us that believe in this old school method of keeping our lives in order, our chosen organizer says a lot about us an individuals. Every year I spend ages attempting to find the perfect piece that will compliment my style for a whole twelve months. Can you think of anything in your wardrobe that you commit to for that length of time  – 365 days a year? So you see where I’m going with this! Your choice is important!

When Filofax got in touch with me about carrying a piece from their collection I was a bit hesitant. I was used to seeing Filofax as a generic organizer that wasn’t really up my street. It just wasn’t fancy enough. Then I was introduced to the Osterley. This little devil is about as stylish as organizers get! I’m sure you’re thinking you’ve seen this before in other shops but I guarantee you won’t find this quality organized in any other shop for only £179! That is, of course, why I’m sharing this with you as it’s gorgeous and completely affordable. Hey, I know we all can’t run out and drop a cool grand on a case! For this price you get an organizer made from fine Italian leather that has all the appropriate pockets and extras that will keep you sorted throughout the year. 

At the moment my Osterley is stretched to the max as it’s holding my London Fashion Week tickets for tomorrow. However, I did get a special surprise from Filofax, that is unfortunately only available to the press at the moment. It’s a special pages kit for London Fashion Week! I’m pushing hard to see that this is rolled out in stores for all fashionistas in the future! They are an absolute essential for those running around the tents!

Anyway, here’s a look at my beloved Filofax Osterley with a special LFW pages focus…


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