Is Beyonce wearing a fake baby bump?

I do love a good conspiracy but I have to say that news of Beyonce’s fake baby bump does seem a bit far fetched. The twitterverse is alive this morning with the story that Beyonce wore a prosthetic bump on live high definition television for an interview this past Sunday night. I’ve screen grabbed the moments everyone is talking about above where Beyonce’s baby bump seems to collapse as she bends down to sit. Here are the conspiracy theories roaming the globe:

1. Beyonce has hired a surrogate to have her child and she’s wearing a fake bump until it’s delivered to convince the world that she herself is having a child.

2. Beyonce is working really hard to stay as skinny as possible throughout the pregnancy but wants to still look pregnant to get attention so she’s using a fake bump to help her out.

3. Beyonce doesn’t like the way her bump looks so she hired someone to design a more rounded and “pretty” prosthetic bump that she can wear.

There are a few more rumours circulating but they are far too disturbing to even repeat!

Now here are some possibilities that I think are also worth considering:

1. Beyonce’s dress gathered in a funny way and was caught on camera at a bad angle.

2. Maybe Beyonce is wearing a strange support garment for pregnant woman. I’ve never been pregnant so I don’t know what clever devices exist these days.

3. Who knows, maybe the footage was doctored…

Check it out for yourself at the 0.55 mark.

{video source: SundayNIGHT HD}


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