Anja Rubik slams advert copying her Elie Saab campaign

Anja Rubik took to twitter this morning to share her disappointment in the advert for a new E! Television show titled “Scouted”. In the advert, a girl is pictured in a dress that is billowing in the wind as she walks down a busy city street. One simply cannot ignore the similarities between this advert and the advert Anja recently starred in for Elie Saab (spelled incorrectly in the tweet).  The Elie Saab “Le Parfum” campaign made its debut in May of this year and was shot by famed photographers Mert &Marcus. 

If the “Scouted” image was a spoof on the Saab ad this might be passable. However, there appears to be no comedic element to this campaign but rather a great promotion of a show that is claiming to find the next hot thing in modeling. To be honest, the jokes on them! We all know model shows have a history of providing reality stars, not catwalk models. They all dream of being the Elie Saab girl like Anja Rubik but few will make it there, which is proof that if you really want to be a model you should avoid reality TV like the plague!


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