2011…the year of Rooney Mara!

There is one woman that definitely deserves the title as “breakout star” for 2011…Rooney Mara! Rooney is no stranger to the world of film as she’s appeared in bit roles since she was 19. However, it is only in the past couple of years, particularly the last 12 months, that Mara has found a spotlight that seems to have no dimming switch! In 2010 Mara caught the attention of both Director David Fincher and audiences around the country when she starred in The Social Network. David Fincher was so taken with the star that he fought tooth and nail to have her play the role of Lisbeth Salander in this year’s most talked about book-to-film production of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Many said Rooney Mara was too pretty and all-American looking to play the role of such a tortured character. However, Mara underwent a complete makeover prior to playing the character of Lisbeth. She chopped, shaved and dyed her hair, received numerous real piercings, bleached her eyebrows and practised kickboxing and skateboarding to prepare for the role. Her transformation was more than just skin deep. A real actress appeared on film in a character that leaves every viewer with goosebumps as they watch her on the big screen. All critics and/or cynics have also been silenced after seeing her performance in this film. She has already been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress and there are whispers of an Oscar nod ahead.

However, Rooney Mara has become so much more than just a poster child for talented actresses. Mara has been taken in by the fashion pack. She’s appeared on no less than a dozen magazine covers around the world in the past three months, she sat “ringside” with Anna Wintour at the tents for the New York Fashion Week this past September and her red carpet style has received great praise as of late. Calvin Klein, Givenchy and Prabal Gurung are only a handful of the designers she has worn over the past few months on red carpets for events and premieres. And of course one cannot ignore the most magnificent Ralph Lauren dress Rooney Mara wore for her November 2011 cover of Vogue. The RL dress featured an embroidered dragon on its back and appeared as if it was custom made for the actress when in fact it was a look straight from Lauren’s last collection.

And for those of you that haven’t seen Rooney Mara in action, here’s a trailer from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. It’s a movie that is one of the most disturbing we’ve ever seen. However, the performances by both Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig are definitely award worthy!

And in case you don’t remember… here’s the clip from Rooney Mara’s appearance in The Social Network…

Images: Vogue/W Magazine/Allure/Dazed&Confused/Getty


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