The Hunter Thigh High Boot….

Oh dear me! Words fail me here as I’m not sure what exactly to say when describing my emotions at finding out that Hunter are now making a thigh high boot! I think I’ll start by saying that when I saw these boots (I was online shopping for a pair of Hunter’s on Amazon) I thought they must be for fishing purposes. Then I saw that they came in gold and said to myself, “what fisherman wears gold boots into the stream?” So I tripped on over to Hunter’s website to have a look and see what the situation was for the “purpose” of these boots. Turns out Hunter even has a note on the listing for the boots: “Purpose – Fashion footwear (not for fishing use)“.

Further description of the boot reads:

The Original Hunter has been given an extreme make-over and become a thigh-high, wader style fashion boot. Essentially, a classic Hunter Original with an extended leg, complete with suspender straps to loop over your belt which are held securely in position with a metal popper fastening and an adjustable buckle to ensure the best fit.”

Well, I never! What do you think, guys? Would you walk out of the house in Hunter thigh highs? What do you want to bet that we’ll see Kate Moss out in them this afternoon? 

{Images via Amazon}


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