10 fun new facts about Karl Lagerfeld…

Last month Karl Lagerfeld sat down with Le Web for a long (45 minutes) interview. A LOT was revealed…

Here’s the ten most interesting facts we took away from the sit down…

1. He owns over 300,000 books!
2. He owns a publishing house… that would explain, in part, the massive library. It’s called LSD…”because reading is a drug”…and it stands for Lagerfeld Style.
3. Karl carries 4 iPhones, 3 iPods (although he has hundreds) and one iPad (he has twenty or thirty that he uses as “diaries or photobooks”) with him everywhere in a Celine box.

4. Karl Lagerfeld is working on a book which will feature only sketches made on his iPad. As the interview seemed to be an “ode to Apple”…Lagerfeld shared a sketch of Steve Jobs which he created that morning.

5. Besides Chanel and Fendi, Karl does three collections for Lagerfeld including the new “Karl” range which Natalie Massenet from Net-a-Porter was on hand to speak about. (reminder…it’s online exclusively at Net-a-Porter and Karl.com)

6. Karl Lagerfeld’s Macy’s Collection received 1 billion “clicks” online when it launched!!!! 

7. Lagerfeld didn’t go to any fashion school… he believes “life should teach you.”

8. He is a big fan of Lady Gaga because she fights banality.
9. Karl has never voted…his role in politics runs as far as drafting political cartoons “cannot be published”.
10. Before fashion came along Karl dreamt of being a cartoonist, portrait artist or illustrator!

Watch the entire interview here:

{first seen on Le Chanelphile}


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