Elizabeth Olsen covers ASOS March 2012

ASOS just gave us a sneak peek this morning at their March 2012 cover featuring the beautiful Elizbeth Olsen. We were so pleased to see Olsen wearing one of our favourite pieces for Spring, an MiH jeans jacket, for the cover this month.  Here’s a little preview of what is revealed in her interview with the magazine…

On her favourite food:

Brussels sprouts – “I am obsessed with them.”

Past Sundance favorite films:

“I loved An Education, or even Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary.  Those were movies that helped give an actor leeway into the world.”

On her upbringing:

“I did lead a very charmed life growing up, but I was aware of the things that were abnormal.  The only time I flew first-class as a kid was when my sisters did these cruises called ‘Sail With The Stars.’  They were the main event…other than that, never.”

On her famous last name:

“A lot of casting directors didn’t make the connection at first.  I loved it when that would happen, because there was no baggage of any kind, whether it was good or bad…I’ve always wanted to feel like everything I did, I worked hard for, because I had a complex about it.”

Most surreal career moment so far: 

Meeting her idol Woody Allen. 

“I have a vintage Annie Hall movie poster than an ex-boyfriend bought me in high school, the only movie poster I own.”

On her famous family:

“Mary-Kate and Ashley have celebrated my birthday with me every year since I’ve been in New York, my last four birthdays, and it’s been so special.  Or when you have a fight with a boyfriend or a friend, or whatever, they’re here.”

On being the Elizabeth in her sisters’ clothing line Elizabeth & James:

“In my mind, that was, ‘Oh cool, that means I get free clothes!’  For two years, I didn’t buy anything.  But even as a little kid…I had all their hand-me-downs.”

On her style:

Inspired by Celine, Chanel, Isabel Marant and Marni – “I thought it was masculine and quirky and funky.”


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