First patented backpack on sale on ebay for $59,750

Google the world’s first backpack and you’ll find the following answer:

“According to the United States Patent Office the first backpack was invented by Camille Poirier and patented (Patent No. 268,932) by him on Dec. 12, 1882. It was initially called the Pack-Strap and now referred to as the “Duluth Pack”.”

And today, the world’s first patented backpack appears to be on sale on eBay with a current “buy it now” price of $59,750. That’s right, it appears a seller on eBay is offering a piece of handbag history for a price heftier than that of an Hermes Birkin bag. We must admit this bag does have a certain fabulous style to it and one that wouldn’t look out of place on a Ralph Lauren or Michael Kors runway. But will it sell… only time will tell but with 140 offers already made we’re confident the world’s first backpack will find a good home. In the meantime, perhaps a designer or two will take inspiration from the fine craftsmanship of Camille Poirier and the bag that is still in existence today. Hell, one of the highlights of Kanye West’s SS12 collection was a massive fur backpack not looking far off, shape wise, from what we see above.


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