Beyonce borrows a page from Heidi Klum’s bling book for the cover of People Magazine

Yesterday, we reported that Beyonce has been named as People’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman for 2012. We also mentioned that while we were happy to see Beyonce in the limelight, what stole the show for us was that gorgeous turquoise necklace she was wearing. Well… as it turns out, we’ve seen that necklace before! It’s the same Lorraine Schwartz necklace that Heidi Klum wore for the 2012 Golden Globes. You remember the one! It went perfectly with her Calvin Klein nude dress and we were all reeling at the million dollar pricetag that came with it. So why does it look so different, fresh and new on Beyonce? Well, the clever girl (or perhaps her stylist) decided to give it a spin and show it off on it’s side rather than front and centre. You have to love the original thought there. Gorgeous! {People Magazine}


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