Gilly Hicks launch new London stores with an interesting twist…half naked men!

This weekend I had a rather interesting “field assignment”. Some days are tougher than others in this dog eat dog fashion world and this Saturday I encountered one of my toughest to date…riding atop a double decker bus through London with over two dozen half naked Abercrombie & Fitch lifeguards/models in promotion of Gilly Hicks‘ new stores in London

Yes, I know this may sound easy but there was nothing “easy” about this weekend. Just imagine holding on for dear life as the bus twists and turns through London streets. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad. We did have to obey the speed limit and make sure we weren’t going too fast as we didn’t want to miss the crowds of screaming men and women flinging themselves on the bus to not only grab some free undies but to also take hold of the hands of some of the world’s most fit men. Which brings me to another danger of the assignment… the crazed fans. My word, in all my years I have never seen women react in such a way. Of course we all love Gilly Hicks Down Undies so I can understand their desire to grab as many free pairs as possible but these young girls were like hyenas hunting on the Serengeti. At one time I thought I might see a wild fight break out between two girls who spotted a single pair of blue and white striped undies on the pavement. In the end, the faster animal won the fight and captured the freebie for their own while the other ran after the bus in the hopes of securing a further pair for herself. 

The 45 minute ride to Westfield Stratford City from Regent Street was a quick one, as dangerous missions often are. We were made to constantly stand amongst these fine specimens of the human race and the challenge was truly to keep from staring at muscles I didn’t even know existed! Trust me, not staring was the biggest challenge of the day. And of course I must remember to file a complaint with Gilly Hicks as we were all crowded together on the bottom of the double decker bus when we arrived at our destination. Honestly, how are we expected to concentrate on the task at hand while I have a bulging bicep distracting me from my camera settings. Luckily, I managed to pull myself together and snap some memorable pictures of our journey together below.

Ok who am I kidding here? It was an AMAZING Saturday!!!!

For Gilly Hicks enthusiasts that weren’t able to join us on the day, I’m happy to report that there’s a man standing by at all the new Gilly Hicks locations which can be found at Bentall Centre Kingston, Westfield Stratford City and Bluewater in Kent. So see…everyone wins! 

Happy “Down Undies” shopping!


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