Pour tortured soles: Christian Louboutins burned, sawed and drilled for “art”

After reading through Reddit this morning a story jumped right off the page at me from the same man that just months ago burned an Hermes Birkin for “art.”  Seems that wasn’t the first, nor the last for Tyler Shields. This Reddit article was displaying a link to another fashion fumble. This time Tyler Shields was destroying our favourite red soled beauties. Tyler Shields was burning and sawing Christian Louboutins! I have to just stop there for a minute, catch my breath and saw a silent prayer for that poor tortured sole. Why on earth would you destroy such a beautiful pair? Oh dear Tyler Shields, it was art before you touched it. You’ve made no point here at all except for the fact that you can a. afford to buy Louboutins and b. then follow up with destroying them for what you think are cool pictures. Did you ever stop to think about the feelings of the shoe or the Louboutin lovers out there whose shoes are as important as their pets? Tisk, Tisk.

On a side note, the Louboutin did not go out without a fight. Shields writes on his site, “Christian Louboutin make the toughest shoes in the world it took 7 saws
to get through this shoe, 4 blades were destroyed and after 20 minutes
of drilling we were through. You want to know why someone would pay this
much for a pair of shoes because they are like minni tanks women wear
that get them safely from one spot to the next!”

So for Louboutin, I suppose no press is bad press here. But still… the shoes!!!!

{Images Tyler Shields}


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