The Kardashian’s plus size model search… this is really happening, folks

The Kardashians are coining in on the curves with a new line made for plus sized women. And of course with the launch of the new line, Kardashian Kurves, comes a brand new opportunity for publicity. So the girls are conducting a plus size model search with Celebuzz and Sears.

So what do you have to do to enter this Kardashian plus size model search? Well, first of all you need to kick yourself into gear as the contest ends in three days ….say what? How are we just  now hearing about this? Moving on… 

To enter the plus size modeling contest first make sure you are 18. If you are old enough, snap a full length picture of yourself where you are “fully dressed and in a pose intended for a family audience”. Then “like” Celebuzz and Sears on Facebook (because you know this is really a social media exercise) and finally, complete the online entry form.

Now what do you get, as the winner, after putting in all this effort? Well, this ain’t no America’s Next Top Model. Forget the $100,000 covergirl contract and a spread in Italian Vogue. Instead, you get flown out to LA, first coach class, and you have a week one night in LA where you will sit for a photoshoot and will be featured in the Kardashian Kurves ad. Then straight back home for ya, lassie! After reading through the small print it doesn’t seem that you will be paid for your work as a model. So basically if you enter this contest you are entering it for fifteen minutes of billboard fame and a trip that would probably otherwise cost you $500 out of your back pocket. 

Advice from FFG… if you really want to be a plus size model, ignore everything you’ve just read and save your pennies to talk to real agents in NYC. That’s where the magic’s really going to happen for you, ladies.


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