Sitting front and centre to witness the next generation of Danish model talent in Copenhagen

Your twitter feed may have been overflowing earlier this month as I attended CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) and tweeted freely about the events I was attending, the beautiful hotel I was staying in and the amazing city I was given a chance to discover. My first night in Copenhagen kicked off with a glamour bang as I sat front row for the Elite Model Look Denmark 2012 competition. It was the finale and ten girls were set to walk a runway with Copenhagen’s finest looking on. The girls varied in age but were all in their mid-teens, although you wouldn’t have guessed it by the amount of professionalism seen on the catwalk. These girls put America’s Next Top Model to shame. In the end, however, only one could walk away the winner. Majse Myler, from Copenhagen, claimed the winning prize for 2012. Standing at nearly 5’9, this extremely young talent was all legs and long blonde hair. We’ll be seeing her again in the near future on Copenhagen fashion week catwalks, I have no doubt about that. But it may be a few years before she’s allowed to walk in shows around the world, thanks to new legislation and model standards at international fashion weeks.


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