Fashionable Life Lessons: How to pack in a hurry?

The one thing I’ve learned to do VERY well in the
past year is pack in a hurry.  A fashion
blogger these days has to be able to jump at a moment’s notice and, not
surprisingly, we’re also expected to look good when we do so. Talk about

So I thought I’d share my go-to suitcase fillers
when I find myself in times when I literally have an hour or less to put everything
together for a quick trip. This may come in handy for those last-minute Labor
Day weekend plans ahead! You never know when you’ll receive a last minute
invite. So here’s the list of what to pack for 48 hours away when you have
no idea what’s coming your way as you are travelling. It’s a simple ten that I
always have, no matter what:

  1. Your best pair of jeans. You know the ones I’m talking about. These are the jeans that you love
    and they truly love you back, as in they make you look absolutely amazing.
    Jeans also go with anything, so if you pick something up along the way, you’re
    all set with bottoms! 
  2. A white, button-down shirt. This can be worn to dress something up or down depending on how you
    wear it. Tucked in, tied, let loose over shorts. It’s one of the most versatile
    pieces in our wardrobes. Make sure it’s crisp and neatly folded and hang up
    immediately when you reach your destination. 
  3. A pair of high heels and a pair of classic ballet flats (if you
    are headed to the beach change these for flip flops). I find having two options
    for footwear is always a must. A great heeled pump or sandal that you swear by
    is a must, as you might have a cocktail party or a beach BBQ to attend, you’ll
    want to have options for both. 
  4. A statement necklace. The chunkier the better. You want something that says “look right
    here.” Big, colourful, sparkly and fun. Try to meet all these guidelines with
    your chosen piece to pack. 
  5. Throw in an LBD. This doesn’t have to
    be super swanky. A black, sleeveless basic will do. It can be dressed down with
    the white button down and dressed up with the statement necklace… or a great
    look is created using both!
  6. I don’t think I should have to tell you about underwear, but if you need some
    guidance my only advice is make sure it’s the great new stuff that has no
    visible panty lines. An absolute must for any dress or clinging pair of
  7. Bikini. Whether you are going
    to the coast or not, you never know where there will be a pool. Throw one in! 
  8. Running shoes and one workout outfit. I find the best way
    to discover whatever city I’m visiting is by foot. So I also throw in an old
    t-shirt, shoes and a pair of Lole workout pants. 
  9. Makeup. I imagine you already
    have a bag put together, as most of us do and carry in our purses regularly.
    However, remember that things like shampoo and cleansers go over the allotted
    limit for liquids on flights these days. Instead of packing your usual
    cleansers, pack Simple Skincare’s Cleansing Facial Wipes (
    instead. There is nothing worse than getting to a hotel and finding out they’ve
    opted for cheap soap, which will absolutely ruin your face. Be prepared. Take
    Simple wipes. There isn’t one makeup artist I know that doesn’t have a whole
    pack of these in every kit. I trust the experts. If you’re looking for a quick
    eye-makeup remover, be sure to toss Simple’s Eye Make-Up Remover (
    in your bag, too… it gently cleanses even the most stubborn eye products.
  10. I know this sounds ridiculous… but don’t forget a hairbrush. I number of times I’ve
    arrived in a city only to find that I’ve left mine at home and discovered that
    all the hotel or guest has available is a men’s comb… I cannot even tell you!
    Pack a hairbrush. Buy one that will always stay in your suitcase. Just don’t
    leave home without it… now can someone please tell hotels that we need some
    better hairdryers in each room!?

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