Lobster love at Wolfgang Puck’s Cut in London

Aw, I tell you it is a hard life for some. When I have to take meetings at Wolfgang Puck‘s first restaurant in London, I really have to ask myself how on earth did I get here? Earlier this week I met a good friend at Cut in 45 Park Lane for a quiet catch up. I had heard Cut was a place I absolutely must visit. Mostly I had been told that I had to go as they have the closest thing to a lobster roll in London (that was before Burger & Lobster). So I went with an open mind. I’m a big fan of Wolfgang Puck and happy to admit it. His food is always delicious and surprising and what I found at Cut did not disappoint. I started with Australian Wagyu Steak Sashimi, Spicy Radishes and Greek Cress. This could have been a meal in itself. It was massive and very filling yet I didn’t leave a single morsel on the plate. My suggestion is to pair this with champagne for the ultimate in decadent lunchtime dining. When in Rome and all that…

For the main I don’t have to even tell you that I had no choice but to order the Lobster sandwich. My lunch date ordered the steak, the filet mignon to be specific, and I did momentarily have food envy. This is of course a restaurant known for its fabulous steak. But when lobster is offered I simply cannot refuse. Lobster rolls, or sandwiches as was the case here, are tough. There has to be the correct amount of mayonnaise or the whole thing is as good as dead for your taste buds. Wolfgang’s kitchen has this mayo to lobster ratio down perfectly. However, there was an addition to this lobster sandwich which I have never seen before – bacon! I suppose this makes the sandwich a bit of a surf & turf combo. The taste combination was sensational and I’ll be telling my Maine-iac family members about this new innovation in lobster roll technology (although I know I’ll be shouted out of the kitchen as we are all such purists when it comes to lobster).

The meal finished with coffee and cookies. Trust me, this has nothing to do with the dessert menu as everything looked delicious. It had more to do with me wishing I had worn elastic waist pants so that I could have carried on eating. However, nothing could be more embarrassing than leaving a lunch with a visible food baby belly. I have to draw the line somewhere!

Wolfgang Puck’s Cut

45 Park Lane, Mayfair


+44 20 7493 4554


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