Did you know the story of Missoni is an Olympic love story?

We all know and love the Missoni brand. But did you know that the two founding members of the Missoni fashion dynasty actually started their love story at the 1948 London Olympics?

Tai Missoni was a competitor in the 400 metre hurdler in 1948. He just so happened to be competing on the very same day that Rosita Missoni (at the time, “Jelmini” was her surname) was visiting the games. She had been in London on a language exchange trip and was lucky enough to receive tickets to attend London’s Olympic events. It was there that she laid eyes on Tai Missoni for the first time, competing as an athlete at the games on behalf of the Italian team. Incidentally, Tai Missoni was also responsible for the making of the team’s wool tracksuits for the Olympics that year. 

Tai and Rosita Missoni met shortly after the Olympics concluded. They had both been invited to attend a dinner party with a mutual friend and the two struck up a conversation at Piccadilly Circus before boarding a train to Brighton together to attend the party. The rest, as they say is history.

Ten years later they would, together, present their first collection in Milan as Missoni. 

Now what makes this Missoni story even sweeter is the fact that Rosita Missoni recently found an item at an antique’s fair that brought the day back to her immediately. The mother of all fantastic zig-zag scarves had discovered the one scarf she didn’t own, one commemorating the 1948 Olympics with the names of the winners printed on the material… including Tai Missoni! 

So you see, the Olympics doesn’t just showcase great athletes, it’s also a
breeding ground for great future fashion labels! Will Ryan Lochte and a
special female be next and surprise us all with a shoe label in the next
decade that takes the world by storm? We’re not betting on it… but
you never know.


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