Rachel Zoe tells tale of first Birkin and now loves son more than fashion {Video}

We just fell in love with Rachel Zoe’s husband a bit. In this video interview with Harper’s Bazaar’s Laura Brown, Rachel Zoe shares the story of her first Hermes Birkin bag. Apparently Roger (Rachel’s husband) laid out a whole scene for the presentation of the bag, complete with a trail of rose pedals. Honestly, men take note. If you are giving anything Hermes it should come with instructions on how to properly gift the item as any woman will surely keep this and the memory for life- through breakups, divorce, etc. It’s a moment that’s up there with giving birth… or at least I imagine it to be. However, after hearing Rachel Zoe say her son now ranks above fashion in importance in her life I am beginning to question that whole theory. “Weird, right?” 

Also just a note to Laura Brown… you MUST own that Rachel Zoe coat! Made for you, darling.


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